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       Weather's cooling down.   Leaves are turning and seasons changing.  Change is good, so I decided to make a change and update.  After a week break from Summer Semester I'm back at it and classes are going so terribly slow.  Nearly 2 months per project, as apposed to the Indy 500 paced weekly ones I've come accumstumed to.  I guess it's a good thing in the end.  It's odd to be complaining about not ENOUGH work to do.  Anyway here's the breakdown of year two semester 4:
  • Graphic Design III
  • Computer Graphics III
  • Typography (again -_-)
  • Graphic Design Applications III
  • Photo Fundamentals II

       Five days a week.  And yes, it IS as fun as it sounds.  This entire program has been killer.  No bullshit.  Just things that are pertinent and enjoyable.  Unfortunately I'm chained to this God forsaken state. 

That's what's up.  Much love.

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I totally had an essay to write and poster to make.
Instead, I redesigned my livejournal that I haven't used in months.
Oh boy..
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It's christmas so here's a special gift from me to you.

I'll stop being so lame.
I asked for a cupcake for christmas.  I got six :)
And a new guitar.
I think I'll name her Samantha, or Rebecca,
Maybe Lucy,,or Mark.
I'll be visiting Home soon. 
Hopefully I'll see snow,
Cause right now it's about 50 and raining...
Didn't even feel like Christmas this year. 
So I'm listening to some tunes and hugging my guitar.
Things are okay.
School was pretty good.  I did well. 
I miss too many things.

Happy Holidays.
Well wishes and much love.
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"Please pray for him not to suffer from this accident," Dong Yun Yoon said. "I know he is one of our treasured for the country."




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Dear Scene Kidd,
       Stop wearing ladies pants or rather wear ladies pants that fit.  Not everyone is a size 0.  Those thick rimmed glasses bother me too.  Not only are they fake, they're also highly unflattering to your complexion.

P.S. Enough breakdowns already. 

Dear Straightedge Guy,
       There's no amount of times that you could state how straightedge you are that will begin to make me care or listen for that matter. Sorry, but keep it to yourself.  You aren't unique because you're "against the grain"

Dear Over Endowed-Eccentric-Loud mouth,
       Random out bursts and botched sentences of random words don't mean you're creative, just obnoxious. I noticed you take interest in things I do.  Especially those that I do wrong.  It's okay really,  I get it.  Instead of trying to work on yourself you bring others down so no one surpasses your natural "Gift" for "Creativity".  Who needs to work hard in life when your parents are who they are doing what they do... right?

How do they find me?

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The flames beyond the cold mountain.
We can't see them, but know they aren't alive.
We can't feel them, but we know they died
We can't hear them but we know they cried.
We can't smell them but we know they burned.
We can't help them, but we know we tried.

The flames beyond the cold mountain.

Are inside our minds...

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